Children of the Web

Ne ho già parlato in un post precedente, quindi non ritorno con riflessioni personali sull’argomento. Vi giro, però, la segalazione che stamattina ho ricevuto da Marcello, ritenendola un’ottima lettura per chi si occupa di web e/o marketing.

Si tratta di un articolo del Business Week in cui si afferma:

Because of smartphones, blogs, instant messaging, Flickr, MySpace, Skype, YouTube, digg, and de.lic.ious, young people scattered all over are instantly aware of what’s happening to others like them everywhere else. This highly influential group, many of whom are also well-heeled, is sharing ideas and information across borders and driving demand for consumer electronics, entertainment, autos, food, and fashion. Think of it as a virtual melting pot.


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